All I need is a camera to alter my consciousness — no drugs!

When the day started, I saw a hawk and had to get a shot of it.  Even though I was on the Interstate, I was able to pull over and walk to the base of the pole in order to get the best view I could.  I zoomed in to the 200 setting and shot away:

dsc_0522It seemed to pose for me and a couple of times made eye contact, yet it maintained its position.  I had no doubt that it would be a great shooting day.

My wife and I headed into the Pecos Wilderness and braved the snow just so that I could take a some pictures.  Although we walked and searched, I simply didn’t see anything with which I could interact.  But as we drove down the mountain, CJ hollered, “Look, some deer!” We’ve been out looking for deer or elk or raptors so many times that she’s actually getting better than me at spotting them….Again, I stepped out of the car and approached a herd of about six visible deer.  The coolest thing was that they saw me, but continued grazing.  I was pleased that they didn’t see me as a threat, as long as I kept a safe distance…

dsc_0533Again, the interaction between me and the deer provided a surge of both peace and connection.  Although my camera mediated the experience, I had no doubt that I was part of a consciousness that yielded no separation between me and the life within which I was surrounded.  It was meditative and exhilarating at the same time.

We made our way back into town and drove around a bit more.  But, the magic energy of the day wasn’t yet exhausted.  I soon found my way to the meditation garden at the St. Francis Cathedral and was able to grab some stellar shots.  Of them, this was my favorite:

dsc_0536Her smile and eyes gathered and emitted light and I was immersed in the love and beauty she added to an already pristine environment.  I drew from a well of intoxicating energy that surged inside of me; I was fortunate to capture a part of something cosmic.

The day ended with reflection and nostalgia when I drove to my childhood home. Although it’s been renovated over the years, the innocence of my youth still bubbles around the place:

dsc_0561 I feel safe there, even if just for a few seconds as a pass by.  It’s almost as if I travel back in time when I sat upon my Grandmother’s lap, completely oblivious to the outside world.

I don’t understand why people use drugs to alter their consciousness.  I literally felt my own expand with the interaction between me, my wife, and our experiences within a few hours.  I sought and found magic this day and love and peace and connection flowed through me and with me and I can’t think of a better way to expand my experience….


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