Why a substance abuse counselor blogs…


When I started this blog, my wholehearted intention was to provide educational material to anyone who wants or needs to better understand the way substance abuse and addiction work.  What’s more, since I am a continuing education provider, I figured I would be able to also provide self-study continuing education units (CEUs) to social workers, counselors, and therapists.  I’ve never really had the idea that blogging would be a source of revenue; it was (and is) an exercise through which I can better understand the experiences I encounter within the addiction treatment domain and share those experiences such that others could learn.

However, without a doubt, I’ve always been a writer before anything else.  I write because I have to; for me, it’s a lot like breathing.  If I don’t write, I will more than likely shrivel up and die.  Plus, because I also build software, and have fallen in love with photography, there’s no way I could limit the focus of my blog to substance abuse issues.  But really, expressing myself through jblea1016.com has proven to be therapeutic and educational for me.  Before I started blogging, I would stare at a blank screen and not get much done.  Thanks to my blog, writing flows; it’s like I’m accountable to something and that accountability keeps the thoughts flowing.


Had I known blogging would provide me with all that it has, I would’ve started doing it several years ago.  Better late than never, I figure.  The reality is that, while I still hope people take me up on the CEU offerings, I blog because it’s the healthiest way for me to process energy, either light or dark.  I am thankful that ANYONE reads my posts, even if they leave sarcastic or mean comments (most people are quite supportive, though).  Plus, I simply believe that I have something to say and that what I write I useful and meaningful, even if only to me.

I highly recommend anyone starting a blog – even if only for self-reflection purposes.  The treasure that exists in all people can be mined for far more than anyone can even imagine.  I know that I’ve learned more about myself than about anything else and I hope that I can continue blogging for as long as there’s breath in my lungs.  That’s the plan, anyway….


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