Books sell when authors put forth effort…


Setting out to write, and write to eat, is nothing more than insanity.  Sitting down at a favorite writing table and letting words flow through the divine light of magical inspiration is a romantic and, well, very cool thing to do.  Yet, getting from the writing table to the bank is a process filled with monsters and traps and other things that go bump in the day.  I have more rejection letters than words I’ve written; yet I still stubbornly pursue the dream of writing my own stuff for a living.

Publishers are like wet blankets over the fire of a dream.  Although I’ve sat with several editors and publishers who always seem to know what it takes for a book to succeed, I’ve become certain that they, like me, have no idea what makes a book successful.  I know the process to getting a book published, but once the words born on a writing table collect into a single collected product, then to get people to buy it is a whole other level of industrious design.  Yet, publishers will use their metrics and their probability measures to see if a book idea has any merit.  What they don’t tell you is that a book’s success always depends upon how much effort its author puts forth.


I’ve written and published several books and while I believe in all of them, my latest, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction sells on a regular basis.  Now, I’m not saying that it’s my pot of gold at the end of my writing rainbow, but I can say that it is a living a selling entity.  I do believe it’s getting its “legs” and may even hit my projected sales counts (I say projected, but I mean, “Hoped for”).  What’s more, it was awarded the 2016 Self-Help book of the year by the NM-AZ Book Coop.  To me, it’s a success, even if it doesn’t quite reach my sales goals (I do suspect it will though).

Several publishers told me that they aren’t interested in self-help books and to them I say, “Nanny nanny boo-boo!”  My books will succeed because I put my heart and soul into them and work to get them noticed.  Since I won’t stop, my books won’t stop.



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