Real Recovery starts from within!!



{Video above is a reading from Tip #10 From 49 Tips and insights for Understanding Addiction}

One of the more angering ideas that people have in regards to drug and alcohol abuse treatment is that it’s something external to an addict and the goal for dealing with addicts is to get them to go to the Shangri-la of rehab.  But the what the hell do people think happens at rehab?  Do they think that there’s magicians who weave spells that transform addicts into fully functioning people?

I spent several years teaching in an inpatient rehab facility and I can guarantee that there aren’t any magicians or magic spells or special medicines at a rehab that can transform an addict into the person that people want the addict to become.  The simple and painful FACT is that people get healthy if and only if they learn to recognize unhealthy aspects of their lives and do the work necessary to change those aspects, whether they’re addicted to something or not.

Addiction’s power is rooted in fear.  That’s the basic thing that drives people into thinking that addicts need to “go somewhere” to get healthy.  The thinking that and addiction will lead to death isn’t wrong, it’s just that any given individual can overcome anything with the appropriate guidance.  Because I know that successful treatment requires mental re-arrangement, I wrote a book that is a real guide towards recovery and, if worked, will eradicate the power fear holds.  Really, treatment for anything requires critical reflection and transforming exercises.  Well, my book 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction can be a huge resource in a treatment program.

The video contained in this post is a quick reading from a particular chapter from which the exercises in this photo derives:


I cannot recommend something more: I am a treatment provider and I know what happens inside a rehab facility.  When rehab works, it does so because of the work patients put into their health.  This book asks its readers to do much of the exact same work…. please do check it out….



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