There’s nothing you can do to force a change in someone else

A recurring theme….

When people ask me questions about the addict in their life, the only thing I hear is, “How can I make my Addict behave in ways I can understand?”  And the response to that question is: Seek to understand your own life.

You read that right — if you want an addict to get “fixed,” you should first attempt to understand why the Addict’s behavior triggers such strong responses in you.  My initial bet is that fear is dominating your thoughts.  You’re probably quite worried that the Addict in your life is going to die an ugly death as a result of the addiction.  Further, you might also be feeling ashamed of the Addict’s life conditions.  Really, you might be worried that you can’t “fix” the Addict or even that the Addict’s situation is somehow your fault.

Here’s the thing though: The Addict’s situation is not your fault.  Also…

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