Addiction Counseling is largely about spiritual healing…


Most people make the mistake of assuming that addiction treatment is about eliminating substance use.  As a matter of fact, many clinicians who don’t have familiarity with substance abuse also believe that substance use must be contained before “real” therapy can begin.  But it is those perceptions that interfere the most with healing.  The goal, really, of ANY healing program is to establish and build upon relationships with that which is sacred.

When people fall into addiction’s singular pit, they see their drug as the most important aspect of their lives.  When I got into addiction treatment, I knew that it would be difficult, at best, to make a living dong this work.  But i knew then and still know now that my role and duty is to help people find paths and connections with their spiritual consciousness.  This may involve religion or AA or NA (or some other 12-step program), and it may not, but to me a spiritual consciousness means first, being aware of the sacred elements of one’s life and then, second, taking care of those sacred elements.

No one gets into this field to make money; at least I didn’t.  I do what I do because i honestly believe it’s my mission to guide people to the best version of themselves.  I can never tell anyone what’s right or wrong for them, but I can help them find the sacred in their lives and build valuable life around the sacred.  I don’t know what’s sacred to anyone, but I do believe that ALL people know what’s sacred to them.



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