Confusion and despair don’t have to be all-powerful…

Because I’ve lived a life “in between”: in-between cultures and in-between languages, I know what it’s like to be confused.  There were many times when I was too immature to understand that participating in two cultures was a source of strength, not a source of shame.  But, there was a time that I didn’t quite see truth.  So, now, when I hear people tell me that they’re confused about anything they face, I do understand.

I’ve heard it said that demonic possession occurs when the targeted host is at a point of real confusion.  Once an evil spirit enters a person, that person requires external help to exorcise the presence.  Whether or not you believe in such potentially hokey things like possession and exorcism is immaterial to the point that confusion leads to bad things.  I mean, being torn between polar opposites can’t possibly be healthy.  Here in the U.S., most of our lives are cluttered with those from the Left clashing with those from the Right.  Plus, many people walk around confused because they just don’t know if they’re the right or wrong religion or race or gender or sexual orientation.  It appears as though our whole lives are wrought with choosing between polar opposites.  I’ve come to see that when people end up knocking on Death’s doorstep, confusion makes an appearance as a guide to that doorstep.

Let’s face it; people don’t end up knocking on death’s proverbial doorstep because they’re healthy.  Nope.  Not at all.  People end up on death’s doorstep because at some point in their life’s path they stood at a crossroads and in their confusion chose to accept sickness as their only choice.  Now, I get that people don’t have the same access to opportunities and that even if they did; they still need to see those opportunities as accessible.  Confusion, though, clouds people’s perceptions and triggers an incapability of seeing anything other than their confusion.  People’s confusion, all too often, leads to shame.  By the time someone ends up at Death’s doorstep, their lives have been lived in such shame and confusion that there was few other options BUT to become unhealthy, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

The flip side of the unhealthy coin is that healthy people who live joyful and healthy lives don’t just become healthy out of some great cosmic accident of chance.  Nope.  Healthy people tend to be healthy because they embrace every day as an opportunity to savor and cherish the breath in their lungs.  They find joy in the salmon run colored early morning sky and hear the music in the wind, even if it blows twenty below gusts that freeze faces into a numb that even Novocain couldn’t provide.  They savor that cold and the numb and don’t accuse the wind of playing a part in some great conspiracy against their person.  The healthy choose life and accept the courage to face life with conviction.  In my experience, healthy people aren’t confused about their place in the world.  Regardless of their income or of any other circumstance, they know that their lives present one and only one opportunity to make the best of all that comes their way.

I know confusion and its twin sister: Despair.  And in knowing them, I also know that their power exists only as a force that is allowed to become real.  I say to everyone: Live life in certainty that there is a purpose to our existence.  In that certainty, confusion will disappear.



  1. Great read thank you for that. I do try everyday to believe there is a purpose but I am still a lost soul trying to find myself. But faith and belief are the only things that keep me clean! I really enjoyed this post.


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