An open letter to Santa Fe’s City Council: the Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax will only make the poor even poorer!

I am writing with extreme concern about the proposed “Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Tax Ordinance” and I’ll get right to the point: The ordinance speaks, at great length, about the health risks associated with consuming sugar but keeps a painful fact hidden within the Pre-K window dressing: Poverty is the main factor in an unhealthy diet and is also the main association with developing addictions.

I hold a Master’s degree in Education of At-Risk Youth and I have spent the better part of my adult life fighting Addiction (I am a licensed alcohol and drug counselor) and I have both researched and seen first hand the problem of substance villification and how it interferes with the development of health.  While I fully support Pre-K education programs, the ordinance doesn’t speak to any type of actual programming.  It’s just simple window dressing to illicit an emotional response such that the facts remain hidden. …

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