Practicing what I preach about creativity


Lately, I’ve become quite frustrated by what has been going on in Santa Fe.  Politicians here have a habit of placing the intangible at a higher priority that the tangible.  For example, a few years ago, our politicians passed a law whereby citizens have to purchase brown paper bags (or bring their own recyclable bags) when they buy anything needing a bag.  They passed this law so that the “environment” can be better preserved.   To date, no one, to my knowledge, has shared any evidence about whether the “environment” has benefited from this law. I suspect the law has had no real impact.

Now the City Council is pushing for a law that will make buying an sugary beverages very expensive.  They’re doing so in the name of “pre-k education.” However, there’s not even a remote suggestion of what the pre-k education will look like.  As with the paper bag law, these platforms are the domain of a very small group of people who, sadly, control Santa Fe’s elections.  You see, people here simply do not have agency, evidenced by their lack of participation within the political process.  I find it very frustrating that the few control laws that impact the majority or Santa Fe residents.

Now, I do not like feeling frustrated; it’s like a dark cloud collects inside of me that can burst into a rampage at any given moment.  Instead of simply “feellng” the anger and then seeking some relief from a substance, I draw or write or run.  That is, I do something “creative” such that the negative energy is displaced into something other than a new hole in my wall.

The cartoon I’ve shared in this post is an example of how i displace the negative energy that builds. I don’t care if it’s good or bad, I just draw and in doing so, I feel better.  That’s the exact thing I try to get across to people: If you allow negative emotions to eat at you, they will.  I see it as far better to displace that energy instead of trying to cover it up.

SO, I’ll continue doing what I can to deal with what I consider to be an ignorance minority who don’t really understand sociocultural systems. I guess for my cartoons characters, that ignorance is a good source of fuel…they wouldn’t live otherwise….


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