Why is Deception so much a part of Addiction?


One of the more common catch-phrases within the addiction treatment community that I’ve head (and probably used) is, “Deception is the disease.”  The reason it’s so widely used that it’s now almost cliché is that it’s an absolute true statement.  What may be missed is why deception plays such an active role within an addiction.  To me, there are two reasons why deception is the disease: 1) Substance abuser will do all they can to continue using their substance of abuse without any harmful consequences; and, 2) When drawing conclusions, the average person starts with evidence and then draws a conclusion based upon the evidence; however, a substance abuser starts with the conclusion: I must use and then build the case to use.  These two reasons form the basis of the deception process because both require denial of reality.

A person who abuses anything, whether it’s alcohol or opiates or…

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