Springtime photography comes at a price…(3 photos)

DSC_0801Good lighting and pretty colors will almost always draw my camera out into the open.  When I drove by these blossoms, I had to shoot them — their shapes and colors presented an opportunity too good to pass up….

I went out, set my D3300 to “A” and….sneezed!  Again, and again, I sneezed with an unmerciless force.  I looked around and saw my long-time spring nemesis: A Juniper!  Not even ten yards away from the pink blossoms was not only one, but two of those stupid shrubby devils that some severely misguided landscaper saw fit to plant!  I couldn’t believe it — right in front of me was as great a symbol of emerging spring as there could be and I was sneezing my head off instead of focusing my camera…

Still, I did what I could and shot a few pics — like a great mountain climbing photographer who risks his life for the perfect shot, i earned the photos I’ve included within this post…springtime photography is a risk to my very existence; sometimes though, the perfect shot comes at a price….



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