Everything has a purpose — even humanity (5 photos)

leaf insent — shot with d3300 by juan blea

What I’ve never understood is that immutable laws of nature are seemingly lost on humanity.  Case in pint: In nature, everything has a purpose and everything about life is geared towards that purpose.  For example, a leaf insect is perfectly adapted to hide itself from predators and so that it can live its life among foliage without too much concern.  A praying mantis is is built perfectly to kill and does so camouflaged as a stick so that its prey doesn’t know of its presence.

preying mantis — shot with d3300 by juan blea

Really, everything in nature flower crows to bees to flowers (and trees) serves its purpose exactly as it is meant to serve.  However, people seem to think themselves exempt from this law.  We tend to live our lives as though we have no purpose or reason to be.  But we’re wrong.  We, just like every other living thing, have a purpose and are perfectly suited towards that purpose.  I can’t say what other peoples’ purposes are, but I am certain that if people took the time to learn of their own purposes, they’d find them.

Crow shot with d3300 by juan blea
spider shot with d3300 by juan blea
bumblebee shot with d3300 by juan blea

Critical reflection is the key, in my opinion, to unlocking our intended purposes.  Whether that reflection is captured through a pen or a keyboard or a guitar or camera, if we seek to recognize that which means something to us, we will find the purpose our lives are intended to serve.  I can’t help but look around and see everything acting in perfect accordance with its purpose; except, that is, when I see people suffering from the ignorance and bondage that derives from their examined and adapted lives…if we don’t seek, we simply cannot ever find…..


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