Five challenges and options for early recovery

Early recovery is a delicate time; someone in early recovery must go through several biological, social, and psycho-emotional changes that can be difficult to handle.  Below, I’ve listed five (5) common challenges and some options for dealing with them*:

  1. Friends and associates who use: You want to continue associations with old friends or friends who use.
    1. Try to make new friends at 12-Step or mutual-help meetings.
    2. Participate in new activities or hobbies that will increase your chances of meeting abstinent people.
    3. Plan activities with abstinent friends or family members.
  1. Anger, irritability: Small events can create feelings of anger that seem to preoccupy your thoughts and can lead to relapse.
    1. Remind yourself that recovery involves a healing of brain chemistry. Strong, unpredictable emotions are a natural part of recovery.
    2. Engage in exercise.
    3. Talk to a counselor or a supportive friend.
  1. Substances in the home: You have decided to stop using, but…

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