Calling all recovering addicts: What woke you up?


The other day over breakfast, a colleague of mine was complaining about his boss and in speaking of his potatohead boss, he said, “The man who sleeps can be awakened, but the man who pretends to be asleep can never be awakened” and in hearing him, I immediately thought his statement pertinent to addiction treatment.

The thing is, I’ve known addicts who really were asleep in their addiction; that is, they simply weren’t aware how their behavior was caustic and destructive.  They simply needed guidance towards realizing that their life’s circumstances were the result of their own actions.  However, I’ve also known addicts who “pretend” to be asleep in their addiction; they know that their actions suck, but they actually LIKE to be addicted and really don’t care to find health.

But I got to thinking: Who better than people in recovery to help me understand the difference between really being asleep within addiction and simply pretending to be.  So if you are a recovering addict (or know someone who is), please help me understand:

What woke you up from your Addiction (please share with anyone who can offer insight)?



    1. That’s interesting…an exorcist with whom I spoke told me that a “conversion of heart” was necessary to exorcise a demon….metaphorically I see the same type of conversion necessary in treatment — do you feel that through prayer you found a “conversion of heart?”

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