Substances of abuse aren’t either good or bad…

There are many times when I feel like a broken record that repeats itself over and over again. Believe it or not, even if I’m just sitting on my couch visiting with people, the subject of substance abuse ALWAYS emerges. When it does, I try NOT to engage and let people’s opinions be what they are. But, when I hear someone say, “Man, if she could stop using that crap, she’d be able to get her life together” I can’t help BUT to engage.

“Well, what’s going on?” I asked and awaited the typical story of lies and manipulation because of a “drug.” It didn’t take long; the person I asked then shared with the entire group of people gathered to eat turkey about how his daughter keeps asking for money so that she could get more pills and yada yada yada. To tell you the truth, the “yada yada yada” isn’t about the drug. More than likely, the drug use masks the real issue.

But if there’s one thing Addiction does, it’s that it sucks people around the addict into a drama that mistakenly creates focus on the drug and distracts from the root cause of a person’s NEED to use. In this case, pills are nothing more than a red herring that throws everyone off the scent of the core problem that needs attention. Look, substances are nothing but chemicals in various forms that alter people’s personality in various ways. They aren’t good or bad, they’re just chemicals (well, except for crystal meth: that stuff is pure evil and needs to be eradicated from the face of the Earth…).

I’ll even go one step further, it really isn’t whether or not someone uses a given substance; the issue is HOW someone uses a given substance that indicates the real problem in someone’s life. For example, if someone turns to a given substance to handle stress, then, regardless of the substance, the inability to negotiate stress is the problem. The substance use can be managed, but the inability to handle and resolve stress may be a harder egg to scramble (or unscramble).

Really, (and here comes the broken record), anxiety is the core symptom: the cause of the anxiety is the real clue in the hunt for an addiction’s root cause. Anxiety triggers compulsion which then triggers an automatic behavior, whether it’s ingestive or process focused. So, if you want to engage someone’s substance abuse: QUIT BLAMING THE SUBSTANCE! The real problem can’t be solved while you’re focusing on a chemical. Ok, learn about the way a substance impacts the body; learn about the culture that associated with a substance, but, then, focus on the person’s anxiety and you will find the real problem that you can then help solve.

Or you can make yourself feel better by blaming an inanimate object and deflecting from the real issue.



  1. Or u could ssimply acknowledge the fact that the substance has all the power, find yourself a power that is not that but indeed (however conceptually or nonconceptual) more powerful that tou or that substance, and submit to that.

    Then the issue of anxiety is one of choice; becuase then tou are no linger resorting to the drug-power.. if you dont like how you are and or living then you can opt to look into psychological measures.


  2. … because I got to say all that psychological Jim jab and the religious nonsense and the neurochemical BS did absolutely nothing for me to stop using. I would gather all this information into my intellectual bag of tricks and I would use it to justify the reason why am using and why I can’t stop or I would use it to justify why I’m stopping for that moment or I would use it to justify why I picked up again or why I can’t stop I would use every piece of intellectual jib jab in to work for my addiction it didn’t matter how much science or psychology I absorbed I just plain did not stop using and could not stay stopped when I did stop using until I admitted that that substance had complete control over me. It was only then, in admitting that this in animate object had power and absolute power over my life, that I was able to come and open myself up to the possibilities of psychology and all this intellectual jib jab. It was only when I acknowledged that my super rational in Alexa is a shin psychological genius only perpetuated by using, so I had to completely give up every notion of sense that I thought I knew so well. At that point and only at that point was I able to actually use the information in a constructive manner to have a happy and for filled life without drugs.


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