Learn to sense angels and be comforted…


The simple fact of which I’ve become certain is that we all need to recognize the good and understand the bad.  What most people do is reinforce the bad, or worse, try to fight the bad, and in doing either, only make the bad more powerful.  As an addiction counselor, I try to teach clients to reinforce the good in their lives, once they learn to see it.  Unfortunately, it’s far easier to see the bad and most stay addicted because the bad in their lives is driven by so much shame that it’s quite difficult to overcome.

It’s not impossible, however, to learn to recognize the good.  We can start by recognizing the presence of angels all around us.  The fact is that we all can sense angels’ presence, but we’ve gotten so entrenched in seeing the bad that we have deadened our internal senses that can feel the angels in our midst.

Several years ago, I was at a cemetery when I first became aware of angels in my life.  I was there visiting my grandmother’s gravesite feeling quite low in my life.  I sat there while the wind blew and leaves danced around me and a raven landed maybe two feet from me.  It cawed while it stared upwards;  I looked up to see what the fuss was about and I saw an enormous redtail hawk looking at me.  The wind stopped and the leaves became still while me and that hawk locked eyes.  I felt this sense of peace that I hadn’t felt and I knew, right then and there, that I was being touched by angels.  This isn’t to say that the hawk or the crow were angels, but I do think that they were angels’ messengers and know they are to this day.

Really, we have all been touched by angels, it’s just a matter of learning to feel their presence.  I practice that skill, everyday, and know they comfort me.  I highly recommend it….

Have you ever been touched by angels?




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