2 things that are sure to make me grab my camera (7 photos)

When I drove home last night, there were two (2) things happening that I just can’t resist: 1) A hawk was hunting in the llano by my house; and, 2) The sun was setting.  Now, whenever I see a hawk, I am compelled to get as close as i can to it and take its picture.  Hawks are my “spirit animal” somehow and they call to me.  The sun setting cast a magnificent light over the entire city and i couldn’t resist either of those two phenomena.

I grabbed my trusty Nikon D3300 and headed out in my neighborhood….I just missed the hawk because some people were walking their dog and scared the hawk away.  But i was able to capture some other cools sights in the soft yet radiant light.

I love taking pictures; regardless of my “aptitude” for it….









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