Visit Il Vicino on April 12th to support a worthy cause

So, my alma mater and my son’s track team are working with Il Vicino in Santa Fe, NM to raise some money.  St. Michael’s high school is a private, Catholic school based upon the LaSallian traditions and principles:

  • Concern For the Poor and Social Justice. We are in solidarity with the poor and advocate for those suffering from injustices.
  • Faith in the Presence of God.
  • Quality Education.
  • Respect for all Persons.
  • Inclusive Community

For those who know me, those are basically my own guiding principles and if I’ve EVER guided ANYONE to a healthier version of themselves, it’s only because of the LaSallian tradition in which I am so deeply steeped (my BA and MA are also from a LaSallian school).  But really, the track team is finally on par with other schools, as St. Michael’s completed a rebuild of a track that was dilapidated and really not worthy of a track team.  It had been that way since the school’s move to its current location; I myself ran on that sub-par track and i can say that now that the track is complete, the team can compete on a state level.

However, there’s still work to be done and it is my personal dream to see St. Michael’s host a track for the first time in history,  This summer, I’d visit the track and take pictures of the construction’s progress (pics below) and I did so with deep pride and satisfaction.  Although many people in Santa Fe believe that St. Mike’s is for the “rich kids,” that is FAR from the truth.  I came from a tough neighborhood and by all statistics, I should have been a casualty of my circumstances, but my parents struggled to send me and my sister to St. Mike’s and it has made ALL the difference.  I send my son there and from both a parent’s and and alum’s perspective, St. Mike’s makes a difference for ALL who attend, regardless of their families’ financial circumstances.

Therefore, I urge everyone to visit Il Vicino on April 12th and mention or bring this flyer: SMHS.IlVicino.Flyer.  When you do, Il Vicino will donate 20% of the bill to the St. Michael’s track team.  Please support a worthy cause!






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