Live Life through the Imago Dei

one of my favorite posts that sums up my view on life…

DSC_0260.JPGWhat is the Imago Dei?

Literally translated, the Imago Dei is the “Image of God.” This image is not Jesus’ face that miraculously appears on tortillas, it is, to me, the source of all that’s good and strong and beautiful that lives in every single person. There is no one who can’t experience and revel in the Imago Dei; however, many people choose to ignore it or look at it through the religious lens.

I, however, do not see the Imago Dei as a religious experience. Rather, I see it manifested in all of life. I can walk through a field of Chamisa and daisies and see it. The Imago Dei is with me when I gaze at the stars or when I wade through a stream. But when I write is when feel the Imago Dei the most. It’s as if I “plug in” to the most powerful energy…

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