Art can be the ultimate weapon against Addiction (and depression)

I wonder if people believe me when I say that art, in any of its forms, can in fact heal depression and addiction.  I believe in art’s healing power so much that if someone asks me, “Do you mean art ALONG WITH meds can heal?” I have absolutely no problem saying, “while meds can be useful, art, to me, is so powerful that it really reduce the need for any medication.”

There are difinite mechanisms at play behind art’s capability to heal.  According to Tian Dayton, “Art has the ability to concretize inner experience, to give shape to that which floats around the psyche in a shapeless state.  It portrays inner experience not only as it is seen in the world, but as it is seen in the mind’s eye, combining symbol and word so they make sense to the heart” (Dayton, 1994).  This means that, when a person allows him or herself to explore the almost ethereal feelings thoughts that have no structure, he or she can: first: Understand those shapeless entities; and, second: Find the meaning in those entities such that their meaning can be expressed and then reframed.

Before anyone can act on something, he or she must think it.  But, even before they think, people sense and sometimes are limited in expressing those sensations.  I honestly think that some people suck up bad juju like a kitchen sponge.  The problem for them is that they neither realize how much they’ve soaked in nor do they even know what they’ve soaked in.  Art allows people to concretize everything that they’ve soaked in and then express it such that they can get it out.

Therefore, I believe with my entire soul that mining dark energy and then expressing it not only reduces the amount of dark energy associated with Depression and/or Addiction; but it also provides fuel for creation.  Depression and Addiction are both consumptive and destructive art, through creation, provides the antithesis to death: Creation.

Dayton, T.  1994.  The Drama Within.  Deerfield Beach, Fla.: Health Communications Inc.


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