Addiction Treatment providers should clients as people, not as stomachs…

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If there’s one thing I’ve studied consistently over the years, it’s leadership. I’ve been able to lead people towards their goals pretty much all of my life. Not only have I been successful as a leader professionally, but I’ve also formally studied the concepts behind leadership psychology and if there’s one thing of which I’m certain, it’s that people perform at their best when they work from a place of meaning and competence. That is, if a person finds value within the work that needs doing and if that person believes she know how to do the work well, that person will perform at a high level. I am certain of that; so much so that I base everything I do on that belief, whether it’s lead a team or lead a treatment program.

Recently, I was asked about Contingency Management (CM) as a means of addiction treatment. The reality…

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  1. Juan
    My son is going to a psychiatric hospital due to psychotic and manic episodes due to both his bipolar and meth abuse. He called the police on himself and was taken for an assessment. All I can do is pray that he gets the treatment that he needs.
    Through your posts and books you have helped us get thru this difficult time..and I thank u so much. Dios te bendiga siempre!!


    1. I pray for your son; while I’m sorry about his episode, I do hope and pray that he does find his soul and learns to value it, along with others’ souls. He has you in his corner and I’m certain you’re a beacon that will guide him….God bless you with love and light — and thank you for your encouraging and kind words!!!

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