Learning to say no to an addict may save his or her life


The most difficult aspect of providing Addiction treatment and education isn’t the addicts. For me, the hardest part of treatment is the addict’s family and loved ones.   The reason they are the hardest is because of their desperate desire for the addict in their lives to get clean and sober. But, and here’s the bottom line truth: There’s no amount of wishing and hoping that can force change in anyone else.

I empathize with people who want those around to become healthy. It’s just hard for me because, regardless of how much I try and teach, the reality is that people are hoping for a “magic bullet” that can fix their addicted loved one. While there isn’t any magic overnight cure for Addiction, there are things people can do, but they almost invariably REFUSE to do those things.

Over the years, I’ve elicited quite a bit of anger because I…

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