Which is worse, heroin or alcohol?


Heroin black tar, Mexican
A few nights ago, I sat at a table where a group of people were drinking large amounts of alcohol while discussing the heroin problem in Northern New Mexico. “That damn drug,” a large and stubbly man said. “Is the Devil’s handtool. We’ve got to get that crap out of our communities.” While I had no doubt of his anger towards heroin, I also had no doubt that the four or five beers he drank fueled his call to action. What really got to me was when several people raised a shot glass in honor of someone who recently died of a heroin overdose. “To Hell with Heroin, but get me another drink!” they seemed to be saying…

Which got me to thinking: Which is worse, Heroin or Alcohol? For starters, I like to teach that nothing in and of itself is good or evil; only…

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