As long as payoff is high and harm is low, an addict WON’T seek recovery


There is a simple truth when dealing with Addiction: As long as the payoff for using is of high value AND as long as the negative outcomes are either insignificant or meaningless, there is absolutely no reason for an addict to seek recovery. As a matter of fact, that same truth can be applied to any behavior, really. If a behavior provides a high value payoff without negative consequences, why change it? However, when it comes to Addiction, using a substance to those who don’t use seems dangerous and unhealthy.   Part of the job of an addiction counselor, in my opinion, is to help the addict “see” the adverse consequences of using a substance. It’s also part of the job to help friends and families “see” that to an addict, using a substance is valuable.

However, in reviewing certain cases I’m working, I can’t help but feel as though I’ve…

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