What is Energy Psychology?


In attending a recent Energy Psychology workshop, I can say that I learned enough to reduce any skepticism I had when I entered the classroom. It wasn’t that I didn’t think there was such a thing as a “psychology” of energy, because I’ve always known that humanity is energy living through physical containers. However, my skepticism derives from the cultural hijackings that can come with topics based in Eastern philosophical traditions. The reality is that, while we can all benefit from learning about other traditions, my experiences with those who profess to understand those traditions come off as hokey and, well, weird. But in taking the class through Odyssey Counseling‘s Mary Baca, I can see the power of not only understanding Energy Psychology, but also, in using it.

So, what is Energy Psychology?

According to the course contents, Energy Psychology is a set of mind-body approaches that work within a Mind-Body energy system to treat people holistically. Simply said, energy psychology is a set of tools to guide a person mentally, physically, and emotionally. In hearing the definition I did ask about spirituality, and Mary’s response echoed my own hesitation in using the word, “spirituality.”

“Well,” Mary said. “People tend to get freaked out by the term, ‘spirituality’.”

So, really, the idea behind energy Psychology is that we are all surrounded by energy, both positive and negative and understanding how that energy affects and impacts us is key in learning to heal ourselves. it’s a powerful way to understand and reflect upon the energy systems in our own lives and I was reminded my a tool I learned back in grad school called, “ecomaps.” The purpose of these ecomaps is to map out people and circumstances in our lives that both provide and consume our energy. As Mary spoke I realized that I’d been using energy psychology for many years, just didn’t have the terms and framework. And while we did discuss Chakras, the topic was presented in a very pragmatic way that wasn’t hokey in the least. But I think the biggest technique discussed was something called “muscle testing,” which is a way to use a person’s body to understand their own truth. I can’t say I “get it” enough to write about it, but I do plan on learning more until I can.

How will I use energy Psychology?

Well, the reality is that I have a lot to learn before I can really apply any of the concepts. However, right off the bat I can see how vibrational energy impacts people, especially within the Addiction domain. Addicts tend to be surrounded by negative energy and seek to “clear” that energy using substances. Plus, inside of themselves, their own positive energy is blocked and trapped by the limits that their absorbed negative energy creates. My plan is to learn enough about the tools within Energy Psychology such that I can form a framework of it specific to Addiction and Substance Abuse.

I will take more workshops within this field until I can become certified as a Holistic Practitioner. I strongly recommend anyone (whether a counselor or not) to attend a workshop with Mary Baca (check out the course listings), as she will guide you to a higher order of understanding. If a skeptic like me can turn, then anyone can.


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  1. Juan thank you so much for writing this! It was great to meet you and have you in the workshop. You asked some great, thought-provoking questions. Yes you have been practicing energy psychology for a long time. I’m glad some of what I had to say resonated and brought further clarity.
    ~ Mary Baca ~


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