Does writing on my blog make me seem like a radical lunatic?

The other night, I was complaining to a friend how I wasn’t even considered for a particular job. I indignantly sprouted vitriol at those who were hiring; so much so that as I ranted, my wife could only shake her head.

When I finally concluded my griping, my friend said, quite simply, “Maybe they read your blog and figure you might come unglued at any moment?”

Hmmm, I thought to myself. I had never considered that what I write may be used against me. But, a lot of times, I write things that may come off as radical. I can understand that I’ve sometimes posted things that make me look like a proverbial loose cannon. Though I know that I seem to have a split-personality (professionally, that is), I never thought that a prospective employer or client may read my blog and think that I wouldn’t be good for a…

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