An open letter to an Addict from a Treatment Provider — PLEASE SHARE

Dear Person struggling with an Addiction:

Hello. I am a substance abuse and addiction treatment provider and I wanted to get a message to you. This message has both bad news and good news, so I do hope you continue reading.

First the bad news: If left untreated, your drug and/or alcohol Addiction, regardless of your substance of choice, has two (2) outcomes: 1) Prison; and/or, 2) Death. Those are the only possibilities your future holds without treatment. Along the way, not only will you suffer but people whom you love and who love you will also suffer. I do hesitate to talk about other people with you, as your whole cycle or orbit revolves around your drug and/or your booze. However, though you may not know it, people do love you. They might stay away from you because they’re terrified of what your life has become and that fear…

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