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August 2017

A Protocol for Treating Heroin Addiction

While there appears to be a heroin epidemic that is causing middle America to lose their minds, the fact is that, while not every heroin user wants to get clean, there is a treatment protocol that will work.  This protocol… Continue Reading →

2 things to know about addicts

Talking with someone struggling with an addiction can be frustrating. Not for the reasons that you might think, but because they’re so mired in self-hate that almost every thought he or she utters is a projection of that self-hate. So,… Continue Reading →

Ready to change? How to know for sure….

There is an Aesop’s fable that is so resonant and relevant to recovery that I am compelled to share it and describe its significance. Now, people are always wondering how they know their loved one is ready change. I’ve said… Continue Reading →

Count your blessings to beat the blues

I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to help get over a bout of general malaise.  There’s a ton of work out there about Depression treatment and there’s a whole slew of modalities that are recommended.  But, what about those… Continue Reading →

Try to see addicts as sick and not evil

I challenge everyone: The next time you hear about someone suffering (or dying) due to Addiction or to Depression, try to see them as someone stricken with a terminal illness, not as someone who is weak or a failure, or… Continue Reading →

Honest reflection heals

To be clear, there is no easy way to take a hard look at ourselves and accept our failings and weaknesses. Looking at the “bad” things we’ve done and not internalizing the shame that can results from the reflection is… Continue Reading →

4 domains that NEED education about Addiction

Because Addiction is a complex condition, it can be contradictory for pressure for recovery to solely fall on the person struggling with the Addiction. The reality, though, is that the lack of understanding about Addiction and Recovery is part of… Continue Reading →

3 cool things about sucking at photography

When I first bought my Nikon DR3300 DSLR camera, I had no idea I would dig it so much.  I can’t say I know what I’m doing or that I have any skills as a photographer.  As a matter of… Continue Reading →

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