Thank you to those who fight addictions — 2CEUs

Supporting someone in recovery isn’t for everyone.  It takes an emotional toll to ride out the ups and downs of

Cultural Understanding allows Power — 2CEUs

The first question is, what is cognition? Well, according to and its Wordnet entry, cognition is “the psychological result

What is Depression and is it terminal? 2CEUs

Elizabeth Wurtzel, in her autobiography, Prozac Nation, describes the depression developmental process as follows: “Depression is a lot like that:

You need to read this important book — 2CEUs

Very few books have real power.  Very few books can transform a reader.  Very few books can transform an educational

From the mouths of substance abusers — 3CEUs

To me, addiction is layered, complex, and difficult to understand.  Those layers and difficulties provide obstacles to treating those afflicted