Thank you to Adrian Gomez for lighting the fire of interest

There was a fire along the shoulder on I-25 Northbound yesterday.  I was traveling southbound down La Bajada when I

This book will teach you that you have the power to face Addiction

Here’s my pitch: If you buy 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, read it, and do as many of

I overcame Depression — download Journey to Aztlan for free to read how

I wrote Journey to Aztlan to show people that there is hope for those who are stricken with Depression. For

Why metaphors are great treatment tools

The reality is that there are hundreds of ways to treat a substance abuse problem. The challenge for practitioners is

You're invited to a VERY important symposium! PLEASE SHARE!!

On April 5th, in partnership with the Santa Fe Community College’s Center for Diversity and Integrative Learning, I will be

Reflective journaling can help manage our emotional responses

The other night, during my version of an intervention, a young wife said to me, “I can’t leave him.  I

Understanding Addiciton's payoffs can help relate with Addicts

If someone asked me to play a game of tennis, there’s absolutely no way I could accept.  I’ve never played

49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction is READY FOR PRIME TIME!

Ok, so I have the book that I’ve always wanted to promote ready for the streets. The promotion begins. To

Learning to say no to an addict may save his or her life

The most difficult aspect of providing Addiction treatment and education isn’t the addicts. For me, the hardest part of treatment