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Alcohol Dependence

At home or work, leadership is leadership

It’s important to me that people develop enough confidence in their own capability that they can meet any challenge in their lives.  Part of what I’ve longed recognized is that people will accept one set of standards for their “professional”… Continue Reading →

2 things to know about addicts

Talking with someone struggling with an addiction can be frustrating. Not for the reasons that you might think, but because they’re so mired in self-hate and shame that almost every thought he or she utters is a projection of those… Continue Reading →

No one can fix somebody else, but there is comfort in understanding.

During a recent consultation phone call, a mother of a young woman who was binge-drinking argued that her daughter was a full-blown alcoholic and needed intense treatment. “But,” I said. “Is she using alcohol compulsively?” Her brow furrowed and her… Continue Reading →

The dangers and risks of alcohol withdrawal

I attended a clinic about alchohl withdrawal and had my eyes opened to the complexities involved.  From personal experience, I knew that alcohol withdrawal was dangerous, but there’s a lot more to it than I realized. The slides are here:Alcohol… Continue Reading →

No More Alchohol Addiction!

The University of New Mexico presents weekly training workshops for clinicians who work with addictions and substance abuse disorders.  One such presentation, by Doctor Miriam Komaromy, MD, was about treating alcohol dependence/addiction. The set of slides within the workshop covered… Continue Reading →

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