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Feel emotions, but don’t let them rule you

Typically, I leave my house at 6:15 AM for work. Most mornings, I’m rushed and hustle about my home at an almost frenetic pace; gotta beat the traffic, gotta be there on time. While I drive, my mind races over… Continue Reading →

Why do Oxy users switch to Heroin?

Tammy knew that she would never use heroin. Though she’d been addicted to Oxys for over two years, heroin wasn’t in her future. Really, she wasn’t one of those addicts – no way no how was she a junkie and… Continue Reading →

You can’t drink the dead back to life

The other day, I ran into an old friend who has now been sober for quite a while.  He’s enthusiastic about his recovery and tries to help others get into twelve-step programs.  He said that he was talking to a… Continue Reading →

Is being a writer worse than being an alcoholic?

There wasn’t a lot left – a couple of drops, really. But it called to me and awakened something inside of me. Not really lust, not really gluttony, but more of a memory than anything else. It was a drop… Continue Reading →

No one can fix somebody else, but there is comfort in understanding.

During a recent consultation phone call, a mother of a young woman who was binge-drinking argued that her daughter was a full-blown alcoholic and needed intense treatment. “But,” I said. “Is she using alcohol compulsively?” Her brow furrowed and her… Continue Reading →

I need to beat The Addict once and for all — PLEASE SHARE

I first remember meeting The Addict when I was around 8 years old. My family was hosting a regular Friday night barbecue and, as usual, alcohol was involved. There weren’t many times when my dad chose to NOT drink copious… Continue Reading →

Recovery from Addiction requires holistic treatment. Here's why…

Substance abuse treatment (SAT) can be problematic for several reasons. But, I think there is a fundamental reason behind all SAT: There is an underlying misunderstanding of the mechanics of, not only substance abuse, but also of Addiction in general… Continue Reading →

Rock bottom is RIGHT NOW

It can be scary to be a substance abuse treatment provider.  Especially when there’s been success: People approach the successful treatment provider with awe, almost as though he or she has some magical and secret knowledge about healing an addiction. … Continue Reading →

Wishing it Away

It’s tough to want health for someone we love when he or she isn’t well.  We pray and wish and hope that somehow health will overtake sickness in a blink of an eye.  And when that sickness is addiction, our… Continue Reading →

Our Emotions are our Signals

Sometimes, I’m driving somewhere when out of nowhere an annoying little beep will draw my focus to my gas gauge.  I’ll check it and see that annoying light screaming, “You’re almost out of gas!” The beeping gas light is a… Continue Reading →

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