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family systems

Is it me or are addicts often scapegoats?

One of the frustrating things about working with substance abuse are repeating scenarios. One such recurring theme is that of family roles and how the addict within a family tends to fill the scapegoat role. Often, families come to need… Continue Reading →

Can family toxicity contribute to addiction?

The simple truth is that there is something to my argument that an entire culture can become “traumatized” and then reflect PTSD symptoms.   The drive for relief from the constant and seemingly nonexistent source of the anxiety that accompanies PTSD… Continue Reading →

Can a substance abuser be the scapegoat for a family's dysfunction?

One of the frustrating things about working with substance abuse is a scenario that appears to repeat itself.  There might be different people filling the necessary roles, but certain themes present themselves over and over again. For example, there’s usually… Continue Reading →

An analogy between family systems and computer systems analysis

An ecomap is equivalent to a system diagram utilized in the software development industry.  What a system diagram does is allow an analyst to define relationships between objects.  Objects, to a system analyst, can be anything from data tables, to… Continue Reading →

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