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Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe, confused though it may be, is home

The gods must have been twiddling their thumbs when they allowed me to emerge into a circumstance that should have killed me, as it has so many of my homeboys. At least those bored gods in the universe armed me… Continue Reading →

Santa Fe is becoming more and more unhealthy as it struggles to figure out who it really is

The very place in which I live and work and breathe is, like many places, a town with wide extremes between its inhabitants.  But even in all it shares with other places, Santa Fe is one of those joints that… Continue Reading →

Clafoutis Restaurant: An egg bomb and no one to clean it up

What started out as a romantic and happy anniversary morning turned into one of the biggest culinary disappointments of my entire life. And really, it didn’t have to be that way; things happen that are often out of our control…. Continue Reading →

Cool pics along the Santa Fe River

Who cares if Santa Fe, NM is "green?"

Santa Fe’s City Council actually did something right: They removed a ten (10) tax for using a grocery store’s paper bag.  They removed this tax as part of a bigger ordinance to remove plastic bags from our streets.  We all… Continue Reading →

We can and SHOULD give our students a reason to stay in school

I read an article in my hometown newspaper that said something about the mayoral candidates caring about education, even though they don’t have direct authority over the school district.  The person who wrote the article made the comment as though… Continue Reading →

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