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Let Divine Energy work for you!

I don’t get why people simply don’t understand that divine energy flows within them, through them, and with every other living entity on this planet.  This divine energy can manifest greatness, if we’d only learn to recognize and use it. … Continue Reading →

Addiction robs authentic relationships

With a cool breeze in my face and the wind carrying the church bell’s song, I let feelings rise inside of me.  Doubt crept into my mind: What if I’m just not good enough to “make it” as a writer?… Continue Reading →

A B-day tribute to the best person I know

I write a lot about the ideal person we should all strive to be.  The reason I write about that ideal is that I have the distinct privilege of spending every day of my life with the human ideal —… Continue Reading →

Religion versus Spirituality within the Treatment of Adolescent Substance Use Disorders

Treating adolescent substance use disorders (SUDs) can be challenging because of its multi-faceted nature. In an effort to address the complexity of adolescent SUDs treatment, Colistra, Campbell, and Brickner (2014) established seven (7) best practices: 1) Involve the adolescent’s family… Continue Reading →

A moment with a hawk was a prayer

Life presents so many opportunities to commune with God’s creation that there’s not enough time in the day to experience it all.  On my way home to grab a bite, I saw this hawk on a light pole and I… Continue Reading →

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