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Is being a writer worse than being an alcoholic?

There wasn’t a lot left – a couple of drops, really. But it called to me and awakened something inside of me. Not really lust, not really gluttony, but more of a memory than anything else. It was a drop… Continue Reading →

Reflective writing allows people to make healthy changes

Sometimes, I’m accused of being “abstract.” That is, people think that when I say things like, “You have the answers you need inside of you,” I’m being all new-age and non-specific.  But I’m not.  The simple fact is that we… Continue Reading →

First the iOS app — then the importance of project management

So — after 3 years, I’ve finally jumped out of the dark ages and gotten myself “connected!”  It would appear that someone who’s spent his life building software would have been the first to grab a smart device and blog… Continue Reading →

Writers are solely responsible for their book's success

  It’s not like I thought I’d sell a million copies of my first book….well, actually, it’s exactly like that.  I thought Butterfly Warrior (my first novel) would sell and sell and that I’d be able to write from my… Continue Reading →

Midwest Book Review calls Addiction book "essential reading"

As a writer, it’s always scary for me to put my work out into the world.  If there’s negative feedback, or worse, NO feedback, it’s as if the word “irrelevant” is stamped onto my forehead.  However, when a great review… Continue Reading →

Reflective writing: A tool to fight Addiction

I believe in the idea that reflective journaling can literally heal a person. Especially when it comes to building leaders: Reflective writing is a powerful tool that allows a person to best learn how to lead his or her life…. Continue Reading →

There IS a link between heroin addiction and demonic possession

It was a typically cold late-December afternoon, which meant the heaters inside the facility were on full blast. So much so that I shed my top layer and walked into the session wearing a simple T-shirt. I didn’t know the… Continue Reading →

A story about willpower in addiction treatment

He was in line at a local Starbucks when he noticed my new book on the table in front of me. “Hmmm,” he said to me. “Where’d you get that book?” “Well,” I responded. “I wrote it. I’m putting together… Continue Reading →

A crack addict and his cactus cops — a recovery story

“The last time, I threw it as hard as I could, only, I didn’t watch to see where it landed. I turned around the very second I felt it leave my hand and walked away from crack for good. That… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow is the sum result of today's choices

In life, we have two (2) options; either we fight the past, or we make friends with each and every upcoming moment we’re given.  I can’t see any other choices.  If we choose to fight our past and berate ourselves… Continue Reading →

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