Some badly needed self-care…


It was a rough day: Dark energy swirled around me since I first opened my eyes.  It felt like I was under attack and there wasn’t much I could do but allow the darkness to envelop me.  There are many times when I see those who suffer and wish I could close my eyes and make a wish and all of the pain they carry would drift away on angel’s wings.  But, it doesn’t work that way.

I have to see and know and teach about the dark forces that occupy and consume this world, all the while knowing that the fight may not ever be fully won.  I may make strides from time to time against the force of Depression and Addiction.  There are days, though that it seems like I’ve been hit by a punch fiercer than anything Tyson delivered in his prime.

On days like this, I have my own ways to calm myself.  I see my ’54 reissue Telecaster sitting in the corner of my office.  It is an old friend; it’s been with me through so many dark days that I can’t imagine facing my own demons without it.

I plug it in and, without warming up, allow my fingers to connect with the strings and frets and soon, notes pour out of me.  They are like little bubbles that encapsulate the hurtful knowledge I acquired since the day’s dawn.  Those notes and sounds are the buffer that protects me and heals my tired soul.

I meditate and play.  Soon, I’ll be fresh and ready to take on my enemies, Depression and Addiction…my words and my music are my elixir and my spiritual massage…Enjoy a slice of my meditation: