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If we don’t recognize beauty, our souls will starve

Building a healthy life isn’t just about working out or eating right.  While both are crucial, if we don’t recognize and share beauty, our souls will starve in darkness.  Once that happens, there isn’t a workout or diet plan that… Continue Reading →

3 cool things about sucking at photography

When I first bought my Nikon DR3300 DSLR camera, I had no idea I would dig it so much.  I can’t say I know what I’m doing or that I have any skills as a photographer.  As a matter of… Continue Reading →

Santa Fe-based Company could be the model that saves SF’s economy!

Study after study places NM in the worst possible categories: Among the worst three in early childhood education; The highest opiod-related deaths in the nation (per capita); Among the poorest measured states in the nation. I, for one, have grown… Continue Reading →

Visit Booth 124 at Contemporary Spanish Market for the BEST in custom woodwork!

In my constant search for all that is good and strong and beautiful, I sometimes find things in unexpected places.    I don’t usually place any hope in the tourist traps that Santa Fe puts on; but this year, I found… Continue Reading →

Day 2 of my writing program has been and gone…more good times…

After the second day of my ninety (90) day program, I am reminded about how much fun it is to slip into a character’s skin and be someone else, even just for a little while. The assignment for day 2… Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Ninety Days to my Novel is in the books…good times…

The first day of my ninety (90) day writing program was tough. Not because the assignment was difficult, but because I know that when I’m done and when I have a new novel, I’m gonna want to publish the thing… Continue Reading →

Clouds make noise

Clouds make noise.  I know they do because I hear them all the time.  It’s a loud, grumbling noise.  Like a jet.  Thing is, it’s no jet thunder, but the sound that a thick and dense and gray mass makes… Continue Reading →

Graffiti fulfills the need to create — 2CEUs

I believe with all that I am that the need to create is woven into humanity’s DNA.  We are born with a drive to express ourselves in an effort to leave our mark, however small, on this planet.  Life has… Continue Reading →

Rules for beating Depression/Addiction — 2CEUs

Though there is no such thing as a magic bullet that can ward off Depression/Addiction, I try my best to live by five (5) rules that go a really long way in maintaining and improving my emotional health: Do not… Continue Reading →

What's Metaphor got to do with it? 2CEUs

Poetry has many tools: Alliteration,, Rhyme, Rhythm, etc.  But for me, the Metaphor provides poetry with a richness of expression that few other devices/styles can.  Really, any style of poem can benefit from rich metaphors.  The truth is that finding… Continue Reading →

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