If we don’t recognize beauty, our souls will starve

Building a healthy life isn’t just about working out or eating right.  While both are crucial, if we don’t recognize

Santa Fe-based Company could be the model that saves SF’s economy!

Study after study places NM in the worst possible categories: Among the worst three in early childhood education; The highest

Visit Booth 124 at Contemporary Spanish Market for the BEST in custom woodwork!

In my constant search for all that is good and strong and beautiful, I sometimes find things in unexpected places.   

Day 2 of my writing program has been and gone…more good times…

After the second day of my ninety (90) day program, I am reminded about how much fun it is to

Day 1 of Ninety Days to my Novel is in the books…good times…

The first day of my ninety (90) day writing program was tough. Not because the assignment was difficult, but because