Santa Fe-based Company could be the model that saves SF’s economy!

Study after study places NM in the worst possible categories: Among the worst three in early childhood education; The highest opiod-related deaths in the nation (per capita); Among the poorest measured states in the nation. I, for one, have grown weary of this crappy data; While I do my best to fight the forces that create substance abuse and addiction, it sometimes feels as though my works lands on deaf ears and nothing ever changes. However, a new business is shining the beacon of hope for me and renewed my energy to fight: FS2 Supply Co.

One of my core beliefs is that divine energy is at the root of ALL humanity.  This divine energy not only binds us all, it also serves as the source of all that’s good and strong and beautiful in this often bleak world.  That is, divine energy is the fountainhead of all creativity; the problem is that most people ignore or mute their own sense of divine energy and end up lost in some form of darkness.  The thing is that when we all allow divine energy to flow, it really can serve practical applications and for a state that’s starving for answers, FS2 Supply Co. offers a model serves as strong evidence of my belief in divine energy.

FS2 Supply Co. offers T-Shirts and other NM-based products that are not only fashionably awesome, but also presents NM in a fantastic light. Owner and founder Eric Griego is a graphic artist who has found a way to make his art marketable — with a positive message.  In designing his apparel and other goods,  Mr. Griego has tapped into a vein that has long sat too dormant within Santa Fe and New Mexico and I believe its time to allow that vein to provide the pride that our state so desperately needs.

These products are possible because Mr. Griego allows creativity to flow.  IN doing so, his business should be model — in order to own our commerce, New Mexicans must create and provide high-grade products and get them to market.  Because all people are rooted in divine energy, we all have the capacity to create and to market our creativity.  The flip side is that we all must support these products such that their creation is economically viable.  In this capitalistic economy, we must own our economic destiny by allowing our divine energy to flow, just as Mr. Griego has done.  So, I urge you to both support FS2 Supply Co. and also SHOW your New Mexican pride!!