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Humanity is connected by an invisible web

I’ve spent hours watching spiders spin webs, wait, and then blast anything that lands in those webs with a shot of venom.  Maybe I need some hobbies, but spider watching is among the most beautiful sights in nature to me. … Continue Reading →

Let Divine Energy work for you!

I don’t get why people simply don’t understand that divine energy flows within them, through them, and with every other living entity on this planet.  This divine energy can manifest greatness, if we’d only learn to recognize and use it. … Continue Reading →

Creativity allows participation in the joy of living

I know that there are people who may disagree with me that all human life is contains the capability to create. But to me, the reason they disagree is because they’ve spent too much time telling themselves and/or others that… Continue Reading →

Our mirrors are important

The other morning, while visiting my grandmother’s grave, I lifted a pinecone off of her headstone. I looked at it’s woody cradles and cursed its audacity: It covered the “Que” from the Madrecita Querida inscription and I launched that pinecone… Continue Reading →

I'll stir the black forces

Most mornings, I look out my hallway window and watch the sky turn bright rust.  I’ve always loved the early morning sky-glow: All the words yet to write and ideas yet to learn swell inside of me – a rising… Continue Reading →

To Hell with bad juju — 2CEUs

When looking out into the ocean, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed.  I know that if I tried to swim out into its unknown secrets, I’d be swallowed and I’d never return.  Can get to me: I have no that… Continue Reading →

chunks of me — A POEM

I stash myself in words and in borrowed thoughts. chunks of me cover blank pages that were once a redemptive smile on a broken man’s face. the corners of his mouth purse away my own tears his eyes are my… Continue Reading →

Wishing it Away

It’s tough to want health for someone we love when he or she isn’t well.  We pray and wish and hope that somehow health will overtake sickness in a blink of an eye.  And when that sickness is addiction, our… Continue Reading →

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