I know that there are people who may disagree with me that all human life is contains the capability to create. But to me, the reason they disagree is because they’ve spent too much time telling themselves and/or others that they aren’t good at something.  Because they believe that they aren’t “good” at something that means, to them, that not everyone is creative.

I know other posts of mine have talked about removing self-judgment as a means towards freedom within the creative process, but it bears repeating: Worrying about whether a poem or a song or a blog-post that you create is “good” or “bad” defeats the purpose of creation.  Really, the purpose of creating something is simply to commune with that greater force that exists in and around every living thing.  Of that purpose, I am certain.

I derive my certainty from the energy I feel whenever I even LOOK at my favorite guitar, I know that I am a part of something far bigger than the island an individual can sometimes appear to be.  There are times when my day has been pure crap and I know that all I have to do is open the case and take in with amazement that humanity created such a beautiful instrument.  Every single time I plug it in and strike even a single note, I resonate with everything and everyone that has come before and will come after me.

When I write, I can actually feel my soul vibrate with pure energy because as words fill a blank page; I am affirming the fact that I am alive and my life is worthy of joyful expression.

Resonating with all of humanity in those pure moments reminds me that we are all here for a purpose.  Good or bad is irrelevant.  All that matters to me in those moments I spend creating is that I am alive and I have a purpose.  My guitar is a reminder and a token that I am a part of all humanity and I thank God for that connectedness.

Look, we all have that connectedness, though it may be hard to see sometimes.  I may not be the second coming of Eddie Van Halen, but I don’t have to be: I’m already the first coming of Juan Blea. Really, we all are the first of who we are and we can all participate in the beauty of life.  We have to accept ourselves for the talented people we all are and simply begin to create.  In that way, we will all participate in the vast well of joy that being alive can be.  So, do yourself a favor and write something or sing a song or draw something without fear of judgment.