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Humanity is connected by an invisible web

I’ve spent hours watching spiders spin webs, wait, and then blast anything that lands in those webs with a shot of venom.  Maybe I need some hobbies, but spider watching is among the most beautiful sights in nature to me. … Continue Reading →

Jesus and Buddha conversing in Heaven

Jesus and Buddha are in Heaven/Nirvana looking down on their respective followers, shaking their heads. Jesus says to the Buddha, “Buddha, look at them, is that what you meant?” Buddha studies his followers across the Earth then he studies Jesus’… Continue Reading →

Is agnosticism real?

There’s times when words will enter my mind and then buzz around and sting my thoughts throughout the day. What’s strange to me is that when those certain words come around, they do so through distinct and unconnected channels. A… Continue Reading →

Enough is enough: Police brutality must stop!

In participating in a protest honoring someone I’ve known as long as I’ve breathed who was gunned down by what can only be described as a cowardly and overzealous cop, three (3) thoughts occurred to me: 1) that if I… Continue Reading →

Our negative thoughts are our own worst enemy

Life reminds me how we all can feed negative thoughts so much that they fill our souls and then spill out into our words and actions.  We remain fixed in our negative beliefs and continue to defeat our best intentions… Continue Reading →

My interview in the latest edition of La Tolteca 'Zine

There are certain days in which I actually feel myself resonating with the Earth’s good juju.  I’m neither a rich man nor am I anything other than another average person making his way through time and space.  Yet, my life… Continue Reading →

I know that life should be a Coltrane tune

I started this post intent on writing about Depression’s insidious manner of taking hold an unfortunate soul.  The post was gonna be about me and my own long-standing relationship with that dark force that shrouds us into thinking we need… Continue Reading →

Sometimes even the best of us need a break

Sometimes life can be a lot like pushing a giant rock up a steep and slick mountain.  It can appear that we stand face-to-face with the daunting rock in front of our faces and wonder, “Why the hell should I… Continue Reading →

Sometimes my fogged-up mind needs clearing…

I don’t have all the answers and that frustrates me.  Hell, I don’t even have ten percent of the answers.  I work and study as much as I can, but it sometimes feels as though all my writing and teaching… Continue Reading →

Metaphors are the most powerful tool on the planet

The reality is that there are hundreds of ways to treat a substance abuse problem.  The challenge for practitioners is which is the best? For me, approaches that focus on client empowerment and establishing meaning through the client’s perspective tend… Continue Reading →

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