My interview in the latest edition of La Tolteca 'Zine

la tolteca Spring2014 Cover

There are certain days in which I actually feel myself resonating with the Earth’s good juju.  I’m neither a rich man nor am I anything other than another average person making his way through time and space.  Yet, my life is richly blessed with love and joy and every once in a while, I receive validation in ways that for me are more valuable than any form of money.

Today, Ana Castillo released the latest edition of her electronic magazine (or ‘zine) called La Tolteca.  For those who may not know Dr. Castillo’s work, she has written several great books and is considered a seminal and cornerstone author within Chicano/a literature.  The first book I read of hers was called Sapogonia and through her it, she taught me the importance of embracing and honoring one’s cultural identity.

Many months ago, I met Ana Castillo’s son, Marcelo, and he and I have subsequently developed a friendly relationship.  He read Journey to Aztlan and then did an interview with me about my background and how I came to write Journey to Aztlan.  He presented the interview in this months issue of La Tolteca and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to have been included.


The interview is on page 41 and La Tolteca (click to launch).  I think it’s a great and  informative interview and the entire issue is top-notch!

To Marcelo Castillo: You rock carnal!  Thank you for your efforts in editing and reviewing Journey to Aztlan, may God bless and guide you!

To Ana Castillo: I am deeply humbled that you included me in your work, in this (or any) capacity.  You are an inspiration and without you, writers like me would never even have a chance of being read.  Thank you for your graciousness and tenacity as you established a whole new genre of literature.  I cannot thank you enough; today, thanks to you, I believe I am a real writer.  Sigue La Luche and May God bless you with love and light and may your words reach the corners of the Earth!