Announcing the "So What? That's what!" campaign

A book reviewer from South Africa read Journey to Aztlan and said “So What?” Well, in response to his question,

My interview in the latest edition of La Tolteca 'Zine

There are certain days in which I actually feel myself resonating with the Earth’s good juju.  I’m neither a rich

Sometimes my fogged-up mind needs clearing…

I don’t have all the answers and that frustrates me.  Hell, I don’t even have ten percent of the answers. 

Addiction is the legacy of the Born Immmigrant

To many in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico, the United State’s enactment of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

How to build commitment to a substance abuse treatment program

Though various treatment programs show improvement, treatment compliance appears to be the key operating variable.  However, my life’s mission is

We should look at ourselves objectively and try to improve

Every once in a while, something crosses my path that says exactly what I’m always trying to say.  The Peanuts

The root cause of Northern New Mexico's Drug and Alcohol Problems

A quick perusal of the NM Department of Health Substance Abuse Epidemiological Profile for New Mexico, 2013 shows that NM: