I don’t have all the answers and that frustrates me.  Hell, I don’t even have ten percent of the answers.  I work and study as much as I can, but it sometimes feels as though all my writing and teaching falls on leaden ears because I just simply don’t know enough and can’t express enough.

This morning finds my town covered in dense fog; appropriate since I feel foggy, too.  It’s like my head has grown dusty and cobweb-riddled.  Purging thoughts helps; but I know that in these times mounting frustration with my inadequacies as a writer and a teacher, consulting my guitar can help.

I set up my gear and tinker until the sound feels right.  Then, I take my fogged-up mind out of the mix and let my fingers meld with the guitar’s wood and steel.  Sounds pour into the crowded spaces inside of me and remove detritus piece by piece.

Nothing is planned, it just kinda happens.  I click “Record” and let the notes guide themselves until I’ve captured what needed capturing.

I feel better and look outside and notice that the fog has lifted…

Here’s Chimes for  a Fogged-up Mind: