Announcing the "So What? That's what!" campaign

A book reviewer from South Africa read Journey to Aztlan and said “So What?” Well, in response to his question, he needs to be shown: That’s what!
Even though that reviewer didn’t like Journey to Aztlan, a lot of people have. More importantly, I KNOW it has merit and can show folks that they have all the power they need to face this life. Therefore, I am announcing that, starting tomorrow, the Kindle version of Journey to Aztlan will be free! Yup. Free. Until Saturday at midnight.

Why am I doing this? Well, if enough people download and read the book, I’m certain that more people will provide positive reviews and override that reviewer’s negativity. While I realize that the internet is more response to negativity, I believe in my readers’ positivity to counter any and all bad juju.

So, as of right now, the “So What? That’s What!” campaign for Journey to Aztlan is in effect. So, between midnight tonight and midnight on Saturday, the Kindle version of Journey to Aztlan is free.

To get it visit my Amazon author page. Let’s show bad juju how important beating Depression really is!