Addicts need to learn to feel in order to begin recovery

I was in the middle of a somewhat heated conversation with someone about her addiction last night. At one point

Can family toxicity contribute to addiction?

The simple truth is that there is something to my argument that an entire culture can become “traumatized” and then

Managing compulsion is alot like managing a temper tantrum

I am certain that Addiction is based upon a compulsive response to anxiety. By definition, a compulsive response is uncontrollable

A mirror is THE MOST effective tool to help an addict

“Let me get this straight,” I said to the clueless man that stared at me with confusion lacing his eyes.

Outskirts Press announces 49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction, the latest highly-anticipated Addiction Education book by Santa Fe, NM author Juan Blea, MA, LADC.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 28, 2016. Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM – Outskirts Press, Inc. has published 49 Tips

Recovery from Addiction requires holistic treatment. Here's why…

Substance abuse treatment (SAT) can be problematic for several reasons. But, I think there is a fundamental reason behind all

For healthy recovery, we need Hope

Whether you’re a treatment provider or someone seeking recovery from Addiction, the way to begin each day is with renewed

The difference between enabling and supporting from a treatment provider

As an addiction treatment provider, among the more difficult topics to tackle when educating a family about addiction and/or recovery