NO magic bullets to fight addiction


I’m going to be on a Santa Fe radio station on Tuesday the 5th.  The host will ask me a bunch of questions regarding my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, and I will provide him with answers.  The main question, if I’m predicting correctly, will be: Why should people bother with your book?

The truth is that I believe EVERYONE can benefit from the book, provided they read it mindfully and actually answer the exercises.  It’s not easy; for whatever reason, people hate to read and write.  Unless they want to jack-off with Facebook, people really don’t LIKE to write.  Especially if writing means learning something about themselves: people will stay the hell away from writing as though it’s the plague.

Bookwerks in Albuquerque didn’t want to host me for a reading because they didn’t think anyone would be interested.  Sadly, I think they’re right — people DON’T want to learn about addiction and recovery, they want someone to FIX their addiction problems with no effort on their own.  Newsflash: THERE ARE NO EASY WAYS OUT OF ADDICTION.  Really, there are no easy roads towards anything of value.  There’s ALWAYS work involved.

So, I do hope people tune in; I’ll have more details as they emerge.  In the meantime, I do hope people struggling with Addiction try to learn about it and at least try to recognize that there are solutions, they just have to be found….