A story that shows why sometimes Probation Officers can just suck

The other night, I got the type of call that reminds me that we are all part of the struggle

Six (6) Free Continuing Education credits: The Metaphor Approach Workbook

Metaphors demonstrate people’s respective and individual frames of reference because only we ourselves know the symbols in our world and

How to address ambivalence in early recovery

I train several counselors and therapists about substance and process abuse, but I also think that there’s always a family

Video of Juan Blea reading from Chapter 1 of Journey to Aztlan

I’ve posted a video out on good ole YouTube of me reading from Chapter 1 of Journey to Aztlan.  Also,

Six (6) Free Diversity or Ethics Continuing Education credits

I believe in Journey to Aztlan as a learning.  Yes, it’s a really good book that stands on its own.