Maybe there isn't anything real under the sun

Maybe there are no new frontiers. Man can fly over every inch of land and he can build machines to scan every inch of the oceans. Telescopes can probe into the farthest reaches of space and nearly everything on earth has a name. If it doesn’t have a name, it probably isn’t real.

Structure and tangibility count for everything. Why, then, do people live with a nameless guilt? That’s what I want to know.

I think, sometimes, that maybe the biological machines that carry human souls have no purpose other than to consume and then process. That spark that we call life just kind of flickers until it is extinguished in some random way or another. Three things that have names but still are not real are: hope, faith, and love. What is there to hope for? What is there to have faith in? What, exactly, is love? Instinctively, I believe people feel that their respective lives are, in fact, pointless. If they honestly believed in some larger purpose, they wouldn’t become stuck in ruts and prod along like cattle being led to slaughter. I’ll bet if someone took a poll, the majority of people live their lives to acquire something: status, money, possessions. And, not only do they live to acquire, but also have to do it within certain boundaries: religious, governmental and financial. There are those who live in opposition to those boundaries, but to live antithetically to something is to give it as much credence as to live by its very rules.

A closer look at life and the way people live it seems to indicate that as long as they live by whatever “moral code” they buy into, they will be “successful.” But it’s still a matter of living life based on unreality.

Take ants, for example. They have a society that works. There is a queen that lays all the eggs that become ants that become her own support system so that her “colony” can prosper. Never, ever, will a worker ant desire to be queen. Besides, even if they could desire it, they are sterile so they couldn’t. Every once in a while, a few fertile females and a few fertile males will be hatched, but the males die right after mating and the fertilized females fly off to form their own colonies. Their species is infinitely successful because there is no sex, no ambition, and each member of a colony does their role and nothing else (nor do they desire to do anything else.) And quite simply, if anything attacks their colony, they all heed the call to defend. All ants in a colony are bound to each other and anything that doesn’t belong to their colony (even other ants) gets killed. Simple.

So then, what’s wrong with the world? Quite frankly, nothing is. What happens is that when something happens that a bunch of people think shouldn’t happen, it gets labeled as wrong. So then, if right and wrong are open to opinion, is there anything that truly is real?